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The current Forth Bookshelf 2018

A Collection of Forth Material published as eBook via amazon.

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You find them all in The current Forth Bookshelf.

LOOK INSIDE free of charge, ( above the picture ), get a free sample ( right hand side ), or try kindle unlimited one month free of charge. Or just buy the eBook and enjoy.

And see the eBooks, the rate today in the top 100 at amazon in compilers.


How it started, How it was designed, The Classic, A Tutorial, Starting Basics/Hardware, How Internals work, Programming Forth, and more.

  • Charles Moore - Forth - The Early Years: Background information about the beginnings of this Computer Language.
  • Charles Moore - Programming A Problem Oriented Language: Forth - how the internals work.
  • Leo Brodie - Starting Forth The Classic.
  • Leo Wong – Juergen Pintaske – Stephen Pelc FORTH LITE TUTORIAL: Code tested with free MPE VFX Forth, SwiftForth and Gforth on tablet, other Forths.
  • Juergen Pintaske – A START WITH FORTH - Bits to Bites Collection – 12 Words to start, then 35 Words, Web-based Javascript Forth, Hardware, …
  • Brad Rodriguez - Moving Forth / TTL CPU / B.Y.O. Assembler - looking how Forth works internally, a TTL CPU, Forth Assembler, Picture download.
  • Stephen Pelc - Programming Forth: MPE’s VFX - Version July 2016.
  • Tim Hentlass - Real Time Forth - many Forth Code Examples.


Some of the work of Dr. Chen Hanson Ting.

  • Chen-Hanson Ting - Footsteps In An Empty Valley issue 3, another Classic.
  • Chen-Hanson Ting - eForth Overview the background of eForth.
  • Chen-Hanson Ting - Zen and the Forth Language: EFORTH for the 20 Pin DIL package MSP430G2552 chip from Texas Instruments.
  • Chen-Hanson Ting - eForth and Zen - 3rd Edition 2017: with 32-bit 86eForth v5.2 for Visual Studio 2015.
  • Chen-Hanson Ting - FIG-Forth Manual Document, Test in 1802 FPGA IP.
  • Chen-Hanson Ting - EP32 RISC Processor IP: Description and Implementation into FPGA – ASIC tested by NASA, Data for download.
  • Chen-Hanson Ting – Irriducible Complexity.

Some others

e.g. micro:bit and mecrisp as addition; Simulated 4Bit Micro controlled via 3 switches, a Forth simulator in progress; Programmer via Internet, tested using Lars’ Forth and for Ken’s SMAL.

Additional Material

Part of the Wiki:

  • A Start with Forth VFX for download, Examples, Code, most of the chapters for download, print – and run the Forth Code – Forths provided.
  • Forth Mug - the 35 Word Forth wrapped around a mug for everyday use – or for the 16 Forth Bookshelf Covers – Vistaprint did mine.
  • Micro:bit with mecrisp Forth, add-ons, documentation – as well for the German micro:bit version Calliope.
  • MicroBox Project based on TI MSP430 – documetation at Eurocircuits ( search for Scouts Event) and Video from IET Event.

And Klaus Kohl’s Forth Book Collection.

(File: update v3 April 2018 Juergen Pintaske, ExMark)

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