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Forth for the BBC micro:bit

BBC micro:bit

There was an opportunity to have early access to a spare BBC micro:bit.

Matthias Koch took the time and effort to adapt his Mecrsip-Stellaris Forth to the BBC micro:bit hardware.

The complete Mecrisp Github File System contains many files covering the different Controllers it runs on – but which are not necessarily related to the micro:bit.

We want to make it easy to get to the stage of running the first Forth code on the micro:bit.

As result here a Starter Pack.

Suggestions to improve it are welcome.

How do you install Mecrisp onto the micro:bit?

  1. The Serial Interface needs to link with TeraTerm1) software making the PC a display and keyboard for the micro:bit. Make shure you installed TeraTerm. Now get the Starter Pack with:
  2. The Mecrisp Forth hex file to throw into the microbit folder on the PC for programming the micro:bit.
  3. A small example VFXTESTAPPbit.f ASCII file adapted to the existing Microbit Mecrisp Hex File,
  4. The same VFXTESTAPPbit file as Doc for own documentation and extension.
  5. More documentation about the small VFXTESTAPP Forth starting example for PC just using 35 Forth Words with explanations can be found here.
  6. And you can try the VFXTESTAPP example on the PC without any micro:bit by just downloading and starting the vfxtestapp.exe
  7. micro:bit IO Connection Documentation generated by Matthias Koch as there are no official schematics.

More I/O Discussions about the micro:bit in English and as well available in German ( not including Forth but a lot of IO information ) as supporting information and part of the Forth Bookshelf is here.

Have fun trying it out and feedback for additions and improvements can be sent to Juergen Pintaske at


Hardware - All the bits and pieces that make up your BBC micro:bit.

All the BBC micro:bit pins

More details about your BBC micro:bit : Specs & Schematic.

Inofficial Schematic (PDF) - no warranty for correctness and completeness.

not included in the Starter Pack - TeraTerm download (Heise 2017)
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