EP32 – 32 Bit RISC Processor for FPGA

The 32 Bit EP32 Processor for FPGA may be combined with eForth. The kit of both is offered by Ting. You may order the full VHDL plus eForth and documentation for print from Ting directly; the cost is $25.

You can read quite a bit of description in Tings EP32 ebook already and see the contents when you LOOK INSIDE at amazon, just click above the picture there.

Chen-Hanson Ting,
San Mateo, California
February, 2017

ASIC Implementation

An ASIC Implementation seems to have been done – we are waiting for an official confirmation statement

And google might reveal some more activities about Chen-Hanson Ting’s VHDL code.

Code Image Example

The Code Image Example ready to Program the Brevia Board will be added as soon as available. This will set up the FPGA and as well program in the eForth software. After Flashing it in, just open your favourite Terminal Program and you can start programming in eForth via the same USB cable – no extra hardware.

A short PowerPoint Presentation of the EP32 Target Boards

Ting’s VHDL can be easily adapted to run on many FPGAs. As well it is a good project to compare different FPGA families and suppliers for performance and power consumption. Here is his PowerPoint Presentation.
At the time tested on:
Xilinx Virtex II - Actel ProASIC - Altera Stratix II

The first Code will be for the low-cost Lattice Brevia Board

Its first Implementation is on the Lattice Brevia Board.
Lattice Brevia Board

Xilinx 40 Pin Zynq Board

One of our additional targets is the Trenz Computer Xilinx 40 Pin Zynq Board as it is the size of a 40 Pin DIP and low cost.
Trenz Computer Xilinx 40 Pin Zynq Board

TE0722 Zynq DIPFORTy1 "Soft Propeller" Module

TE0722 at Xilinx

Regarding Forth

Ting’s Bookshelf – showing the products he offers for sale.
Juergen’s Forth Bookshelf – published Forth documents as eBooks.

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