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This eBook had always been planned to be readable and distributed via amazon on PC Tablet and Mobile. Some people do not like to download Kindle – then the option of reading it in the Cloud is possible for – as I know – any screen/keyboard combination. See it at


You can LOOK INSIDE (above the picture) and see part of it or ask for a free sample on the right hand side.

But there is still the requirement for beginners to download and print. Most of the chapters of this eBook you can find here.

Chapter 4: Imagine, you Invent a Language ...

A different start here. Rather than explaining how it works, we start from nothing and just imagine the steps You just need 12 constructs here as a first step – in Forth these are Words – and these at then put together to run a small application – to switch the usual (here virtual) LED on and off. Imagine to Invent a Language

Chapter 5 - Now try it out on the Web - no Installation needed

Normally, you would now need to download and install a Forth of your choice to run this code. easyForth is on the web, written in Javascript. And, you can type the code directly into the window supplied and run Forth code – and there are very good explanations that Nick supplied. Here I made it into a PDF with Nick’s ok for download and print.

Easy Forth by Nick Morgan - type Forth code into your browser. Instant experience. Build up your initial Forth know-how. You can print this document as well: Easy Forth
One Word is different: The Word for ms delay is different, Nick calls it sleep.

Chapter 6 - Extend the 12 Words to 35 Words

This part of the new1) eBook A Start With Forth published by Juergen, here in printable form and with PDFs also printable, so you have lots of material for your exercises.

You can run this code in easyForth as well, but there is no sound compared to the next step, and ms = sleep compared to our next option VFXTESTAPP.exe .

Chapter 7 - Use the downloadable VFXTESTAPP.exe

Here you just download an .exe, which can execute most of the VFX Words. The VFX Manual you can find as part of the VFX download on the www.mpeforth.com website or here as PDF. Run the code of chapter 4 and 6. Advantage: there is no installation needed. You can store it locally on your PC and the word SAVE adds your work for next time. ( sorry, no Linux or Mac yet )

Get VFXTESTAPP.exe here.

The manual of the full VFX version explaining the Words in VFXTESTAPP.exe can be downloaded here: vfxman.pdf

Chapter 8 - Editor / File Handling – AIDE and VFX_LITE MSP430

Here the manual for MPE’s AIDE, the VFX Helper and editor. There is more you can do, but not planned in this context here. AIDE

Chapter 9 - Running Forth on a TI MSP430 using VFX LITE 430

MPE made this available as a free Starter version, and it was prepared for the MicroBox event for the Scouts Jamboree. Here you run the complete Forth ON a controller, the TI MSP430G2553. And AIDE helps. VFX LITE 430

( ARM will follow in a later version )

Chapter 11a - 4e4th Manual 1

Dirk Bruehl and Michael Kalus have spent a lot of their time to make 4e4th available for the TI Launchpad. As well written for the MSP430G2553. Without them and Paul, I would have never gotten to the MicroBox Project running. 4e4th-ide-startnotes

Chapter 11b - 4e4th Manual 2

And the next steps in 4e4th. 4e4th-ide-instructions_including_microbox

Chapter 11c - uMMT – Some small Example Code to try out

Have fun: uMMT v5

Chapter 12 - MicroBit – Running Mecrisp Forth on the MicroBit

The BBC micro:bit with its 25 LEDs and the many additional functions needed a Forth. 1,000,000 of them are supposedly now at UK schools and there is a lot of documentation. As I had access to one, Matthias Koch kindly ported his MECRISP to this board. Get: MECRISP for micro:bit. Follow the links for installation information. I tried mine using the same 35 Word Forth. Needed a few additions but no problem – help is always available in the Forth community.

I like Minimal Solutions. I got the ok to add this option of poking around inside a controller for this eBook.
3 Words: Read a byte, Write a byte, Start a subroutine. Interfaced via a serial link, a Forth can control the chip. 3 Instruction Forth

Chapter 14 - MPE - Mixed Language Design using Sockpuppet

One of the new developments for using Forth: The advantages of Interactive Programming/Testing and linked to other languages, here C and ARM. Get system design ready quicker. See as well Rob’s presentation from 22 July 2017 on youtube at 1h50mins. Sockpuppet article

As in December 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlDloFOdrZQ

There are infomations on github too: https://github.com/rbsexton?tab=repositories

And here as well: http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/anton/euroforth/ef16/papers/pelc.pdf

Chapter 15 - v4th – An Approach using Forth Techniques

Vic uses the Forth structures but stays closer to assembler. v4th

Chapter 16 - Minimum Word Sets and Comparison

How many Forth Words do you really need? Either as SW or even implemented in FPGA.
A quick comparison of what we found on the web and Paul’s explanations. Minimum Wordset

Chapter 17 - Certifying your Code

Certification becomes more and more important, especially with IOT - and Forth is a very good candidate in this respect.
Certifying your Code, by Paul E. Bennett

We hope you find something useful here.

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