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eForth - a small Forth Implementation by C.-H. Ting

only about 4k – in many variants for different processors, 2 versions documented here.

Zen and the Forth Language: eForth for the MSP430 from Texas Instruments

For the TI MSP430 in a 20 Pin DIP.
Fits perfectly with the MicroBox Hardware.

430eforth-ide - Hex File as well included in the IDE1), to program via the TI Launchpad
Link to eForth eBook - preview the contents of the book
Link to the Forth eBook series
Lessons - Examples written in eForth 430G25532)
Appendix - All 430eForth Commands on a handy reference card.

eForth Overview

The other version documented here is the most open and compact version. And uses as much of it in Forth as possible. The complete file can be found at, as item 7.

And there is a related eBook too.

It lead to the idea to see how short such a file would be – not in code, but physical print. And as project this file could be implemented in a Forth as exercise. For this reason you find the \ in front of every line. Implement the relevant function in your prefered system. Tested in A2 and A1 size in the local print shop.

eForth Poster - very good eyes? IF A2 size is sufficient ( 43 x 48 cm) ELSE copy shop as A1 print out THEN.

But you can still do your own printout and if you want, stick them together with some tape.

Picture of the poster

Link to MicroBox
Link to MMT

More to come3).

Manfred Mahlow gave a lecture on the eForth at the 2017 Forth conference, in which the characteristics of the eForth have been exposed - the video of the lecture is in German, the slides of the lecture are available in German and English.

The 430eForth-IDE is an adapted re-implementation by Dirk Brühl of the 4e4th-IDE -
eForth is case sensitive, all forth words are in CAPITAL LETTERS
October 2016
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