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Forth-Tagung 2017 in Kalkar

The Forth-Tagung 2017 was hosted on 21. to 23.4. in Kernwasser wonderland Kalkar.


Freitag 21.4.

  • Albert Nijhof: Question about noForth video
  • Jörg Völker: Forth in large projects video
  • Willem Overkerk: Is there a future for Forth video
  • Willi Stricker: News from the STRIP Forth processor video

Samstag 22.4.

  • Carsten Strotmann: Tektronix 401x video
  • Erich Wälde: Forth for the RISC-V video
  • Carsten Strotmann: Federated Wiki video
  • Manfred Mahlow: 430eForth video
  • Anton Ertl: Static Type Testing video
  • Gerald Wodni: video
  • Erich Wälde: Clock Works video
  • Bernd Paysan: MINOS2 - a GUI for net2o video
  • Ulrich Hoffmann: Stack of Stacks video
  • Klaus Schleisiek: Compilation on demand video
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