+ This word is very simple. For your curiosity, F-PC's definition for + is

see +
 6D0 5B  W POP,                    5B                 [
 6D1 58  AX POP,                   58                 X
 6D2  1  W AX ADD,                 01 D8              .X <----- 16 bits ADD 8086 instruction, that's all
 6D4 50  AX PUSH,                  50                 P
 6D5 26  ES:                       26                 &
 6D6 AD  WORD LODS,                AD                 -
 6D7 FF  AX #) JMP,                FF E0              .`

I make this page for a question of how to make forth punctuation words easier to be found in a library like this Wiki? I found this Wiki's page addressing convention is good enough. + can be packed as en_playground_words_+ , I hope google can find it … can it?

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