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» Is there a Forth-pedia ?
>Its in German, some examples are in english too.
There have been a few attempts to set up a community based site but
none seem to have succeeded. I could set up a CMS like Drupal for
this purpose if there was enough interest – but for a project like
this you'd want at least a dozen committments to steward the site.

1) See this page , It explains 'throw' and 'catch' in depth and even gives an example of how to use them. Very good to me, a new forth student.

2) There are so many different forth implementations. Is it a good idea to compare different, for example, 'throw' and 'catch' definitions in one Wiki site? When I will be going to build a new forth for some special case I think I will need this.

3) Not only for students. Anybody can present your invention of useful WORDS. One word one page, and if it has the 'tag' feature for everyone to tag that page then we can easily find a WORD to resolve our problem by tag searchings.

So I am trying to create pages for \[\[en:words:dup\]\] and \[\[en:words:+\]\]



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