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Welcome to Project Forth Works

What this project is all about ...

Forth would benefit greatly from an active community sharing sources and solutions. But our problem lies in the saying: When you have seen one Forth, you have seen one Forth. With this project we would like to embrace our differences. And start sharing, despite having all the different Forths-dialects.
The core idea of this project is to use a simple, generic version of Forth to spread ideas, algorithms, protocols, applications and hardware drivers. This generic version of Forth guarantees that it can be understood and used by (almost) everybody in the Forth-community.

Click here for an introduction to Project Forth Works


Contributing to the Project Forth Works is as easy as 1,2,3. All pages are written in Wiki Syntax format and editable once you register with the web site. You can use the playground to make your Wiki experiments.

You can contribute in different ways, your choice:

  • Leave you remark at the discussion box below.
  • Add a new implementation at the bottom of any existing idea. That's easy:
    • You just edit the page using the Edit button at the end of the page or using the pencil icon to the right of the document.
    • Then you just add your implemtation putting it in between <code> and </code> tags.
    • Save the page. That's it.
    1. Add a new idea:
    • Give it a name here in this document (e.g. in the category section above). Save this document.
    • Follow the red link of your new idea.
    • Create it using the Pencil to the right of the new document.
    • Adapt the pre-filled template that assists you in structure.
    • Preview and edit, repeat until satisfied. (You can save interim versions and continue editing later.)
    • Save your new idea document. That's it.

Browse Project Forth Works

In order see what ideas are already described, please have a look at wiki site map

A selection of ideas ordered by category ...


Communication Protocols

Data Structures

  • Buffer, a simple memory buffer
  • Array, a simple one dimensional array with implicit indexing
  • Primitive Circular Buffer, a buffer with a single read/write pointer
  • Bit array, an array with addressing of individual bits
  • Map, a map from strings to values aka dictionary

System Software

Programming Tools

Programming Pearls

Implementation Ideas

  • Kangaroo method: Using does> outside colon definitions: words with data.
  • Flyer: Define compiling words by just specifiying their compilation semantics.
  • Prefix: Defining prefix operators in a portable way

User Application

  • Forest fire: Siulation of computer generated fire
  • Cozy: Simulation of agents which, if given the chance, move to a place where they feel more at home.



  • HC-SR04, Measures distance using Ultrasonic sound
  • LM75(A), Measures temperature with .5° Celsius resolution
  • TMP75, Measures temperature with 0.0625° Celsius resolution
  • APDS9300, Infrared and visual light sensor
  • PIR, Passive infrared motion detector
  • Touch, Capacitive touch sensors & slider
  • Mechanical switch, Touch switch on simple robotic sensor unit
  • BME280, Measure pressure, temperature and humidity
  • TCND5000, Reflection sensor, detection of nearby subjects, other examples are IS471F or CNY70, see Ushi book|

On the P.F.W. I2C drivers overview page you may find some more documentation


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