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  • MSP430 disassembler, compact universal MSP430 disassembler (the 27 basic opcodes).
    Note that the check on CFA's dasa @ @+ = is only correct for ITC code.
    For other systems these lines need adaptation.
    Not in Generic Forth: WITHIN CELL- 1- @+ <>

An example of its use, disassemble DUP, ?DUP & DROP in noForth:

das dup
 4BF0:  K  4BF2   --- cfa ---
 4BF2: $   8324   #2   sp SUB
 4BF4:  G  4784   tos   0 sp x) MOV
 4BF6:        0
 4BF8:  O  4F00   nxt   pc MOV
 4BFA:  H  48B0   day )+   8481 pc x) MOV
 4BFC:     8481
 4BFE: ?D  443F   sp )+   nxt MOV
 4C00: UP  5055   4C04 pc x)   ip .b ADD

 4C02:  L  4C04   --- cfa ---
 4C04:     9307   #0   tos CMP
 4C06:  #  23F5   =? UNTIL,     ->4BF2
 4C08:  O  4F00   nxt   pc MOV
 4C0A: 6K  4B36   xx )+   w MOV
 4C0C:     8481   sp   5244 rp x) SUB
 4C0E: DR  5244
 4C10: OP  504F   pc   nxt .b ADD

 4C12:  L  4C14   --- cfa ---
 4C14: 7D  4437   sp )+   tos MOV
 4C16:  O  4F00   nxt   pc MOV
Command Example Purpose
DAS DAS DUP Disassemble from the word DUP
MDAS<addr> MDASDisassemble from <addr>

Each time the space bar is hit, a new line is disassembled. When any other key is hit the disassembly stops!


Alternative Implementations

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