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                               44       44
                              444444444444444           COURSE

                by Richard E. Haskell
                   Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
                   Oakland University
                   Rochester, Michigan 48309
    The lessons in this course are written as .SEQ files that can
    be FLOADed by F-PC.  This will cause all words defined in the
    lessons to be compiled and ready to use.  The material in the
    lessons are arranged on individual pages from which viewgraphs
    can be made for lectures.

    These lessons are designed to be used by computer science and
    engineering students who know some other language (exposure to
    8088/8086 assembly language will help but is not essential) and
    want to learn Forth as easily and quickly as possible.  Going
    through these lessons should provide you with the background you
    need to understand the wealth of information that is part of the
    entire F-PC system.  It is hoped that it will open up a new and
    powerful way of programming for you.
List of Lessons
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