GA144 Eval Board

With two GA144 chips, this board provides you with versatile prototyping capability. It supports several power options and has three USB interfaces behaving as asynchronous serial communications ports at speeds up to 960 Kbits/second each. Chip 0 has external SRAM and SPI flash; the flash is pre-programmed with eForth and, as shipped, eForth comes up ready to communicate with a serial ASCII terminal emulator on USB port B. USB port A may be used to program chip 0 using our IDE. Chip 1 has minimal I/O connections: SERDES and optional 2-wire synchronous to chip 0; optional USB port C for separate IDE use; and configurable reset pin.

Im Verleih seit: März 2012

Forth-Systeme: eForth, polyForth, ColorForth


Ausleihstatus: ausgeliehen :-(

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