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e4thcom - A Terminal for Embedded Forth Systems

Copyright (C) 2013-2017 Manfred Mahlow


e4thcom for Linux (32 Bit executables for X86 and Raspberry/Raspbian) is a terminal program for embedded Forth Systems that supports conditional and unconditional uploading of source code.

The latest public release is e4thcom-0.6.1. The previous one was e4thcom-0.5.3.


Added features:

  • Editable Command Line with History and TAB-Selection
  • Editor Interface for Code Debugging
  • Code Uploading in Half- and Full-Duplex
  • Plug-Ins for 430CamelForth, 430eForth, 4e4th, AmForth, anyForth, Mecrisp, Mecrisp-Stellaris, noForth

Removed features:

  • Data Transmission via UDP (please use e4thcom-0.5.3)
  • ForthBox no longer included

For further information please read the file /doc/e4thcom.pdf in the e4thcom-0.6.1.tar.gz archive.


md5sum: 11c5cb8ce917e331da060fcccfeca9f0 e4thcom-0.6.1.tar.gz

More Plug-Ins:


md5sum: 65e298a01a96d6f25c8fcf8f5f72e2fb e4thcom-0-6-1-stm8ef-plug-in.tar.gz


  • Data transmission via serial line or UDP
  • Bidirectional Cross Assembler Interface (allows access to target ressources)
  • Cross Disassembler Interface
  • MSP430 Cross Assembler for noForth und 4e4th
  • MSP430 Cross Disassembler for noForth
  • ATmega Cross Assembler for AmForth
  • Plug-Ins for 4e4th, AmForth, Mecrisp, Mecrisp-Stellaris and noForth
  • ForthBox with improved keyboard interface


md5sum: 559cc0a5112eee79c3b83bafa0388f7b e4thcom-0.5.3.tar.gz

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