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The current Forth Bookshelf 2018

A Collection of Forth Material published as eBook via amazon: The current Forth Bookshelf.

And see the eBooks, the rate today in the top 100 at amazon in compilers.

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How it started, How it was designed, The Classic, A Tutorial, Starting Basics/Hardware, How Internals work, Programming Forth, and more.

  1. Charles Moore - Forth - The Early Years: Background information about the beginnings of this Computer Language.
  2. Charles Moore - Programming A Problem Oriented Language: Forth - how the internals work.
  3. Leo Brodie - Starting Forth The Classic.
  4. Leo Wong – Juergen Pintaske – Stephen Pelc FORTH LITE TUTORIAL: Code tested with free MPE VFX Forth, SwiftForth and Gforth on tablet, other Forths.
  5. Juergen Pintaske – A START WITH FORTH - Bits to Bites Collection – 12 Words to start, then 35 Words, Web-based Javascript Forth, Hardware, …
  6. Brad Rodriguez - Moving Forth / TTL CPU / B.Y.O. Assembler - looking how Forth works internally, a TTL CPU, Forth Assembler, Picture download.
  7. Stephen Pelc - Programming Forth: MPE’s VFX - Version July 2016.
  8. Tim Hentlass - Real Time Forth - many Forth Code Examples.


Some of the work of Dr. Chen Hanson Ting.

  1. Chen-Hanson Ting - Footsteps In An Empty Valley issue 3, another Classic.
  2. Chen-Hanson Ting - eForth Overview the background of eForth.
  3. Chen-Hanson Ting - Zen and the Forth Language: EFORTH for the 20 Pin DIL package MSP430G2552 chip from Texas Instruments.
  4. Chen-Hanson Ting - eForth and Zen - 3rd Edition 2017: with 32-bit 86eForth v5.2 for Visual Studio 2015.
  5. Chen-Hanson Ting - FIG-Forth Manual Document Test in 1802 FPGA IP.
  6. Chen-Hanson Ting - EP32 RISC Processor IP: Description and Implementation into FPGA – ASIC tested by NASA, Data for download.
  7. Chen-Hanson Ting – Irriducible Complexity.


Some others, e.g. micro:bit and mecrisp as addition; Simulated 4Bit Micro controlled via 3 switches, a Forth simulator in progress; Programmer via Internet, tested using Lars’ Forth and for Ken’s SMAL.

  1. Burkhard Kainka - BBC Micro:bit: Tests Tricks Secrets Code, Additional MicroBit information when running

the Mecrisp Package.

  1. Burkhard Kainka - Learning Programming with MyCo: Learning Programming easily - independent of a PC

(Forth code to follow soon).

  1. Burkhard Kainka – Thomas Baum – Cheepit Sparrow – Tools on the Web - Programming ATYTINY13 -

Programmer and Tools all on the Web

  1. A Taste of Forth Standard 2012 – an eBook that could not be done as of copyright issues – so here just

the link to Standard Words and the Dokuments on the web instead.

Additional Material

Part of the Wiki:

  1. A Start with Forth VFX for download, Examples, Code, most of the chapters for download, print – and

run the Forth Code – Forths provided.

  1. Forth Mug - the 35 Wortd Forth wrapped around a mug for everyday use – or for the 16 Forth

Bookshelf Covers – Vistaprint did mine.

  1. Micro:bit with mecrisp Forth add-ons documentation – as well for the German micro:bit version


  1. MicroBox Project based on TI MSP430 – documetation at Eurocircuits ( search for Scouts Event) and

Video from IET Event.

And Klaus Kohl’s Forth Book Collection

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