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Zeile 2: Zeile 2:
 - a very small computer which is programmed  - a very small computer which is programmed 
   via just 3 push buttons as KEYBOARD    via just 3 push buttons as KEYBOARD 
-  and 4 LEDs as "DISPLAY" and designed to control some INPUTS and OUTPUTS - digital and analog  ======+  and 4 LEDs as "DISPLAY"  
 +  and designed to control some INPUTS and OUTPUTS  
 +  - digital and analog  ======
 This project has been worked on for a few years now,  This project has been worked on for a few years now, 
Zeile 112: Zeile 114:
 {{:en:projects:myco:dsc06618.jpg?200|Prototype}} {{:en:projects:myco:dsc06618.jpg?200|Prototype}}
-Updated 2021_02_26+ 
 +==== Myco Handling Instructions ==== 
 +             Version 0.9.1 4e4th   Version 2015_04_04  
 +Switching on Power or Reset starts MyCo program.  
 +The 4 LEDs at OUT will flash. The indicator LED (PWM LED) is switched off.  
 +Idle State - MyCo is ready and waiting for an input either via S1 / S2 or via the keyboard.  
 +S1  -  Switch pressed  -  MyCo program starts  
 +S2  -  Switch pressed  -  MyCo switches ino Programming Mode  – no connection to thePC required  
 + 'q' -  Entered on Terminal  -  4e4th Forth starts (Only works if keyboard is connected / MyCo in dle State)  
 +- To Run a Program already intalled-  
 +In Idle State press S1. MyCo will then enters the Program Run Mode. MyCo programs always start at page 0 address $00.  
 +To terminate a running MyCo program: press S1 or S2 key - or any key on the keyboard.  
 +- Show the Program Flow -     
 +A)-using the 4 LEDs ---  
 +To view the program steps from the outside, a MyCo program has to make outputs to the 4 LEDs, otherwise nothing is visible. Additional LED test output instructions can be added for debugging. Later replaced by NOPs. Extensions: Use a volt meter to check the levels at IN and OUT and to watch – or a multimeter or an oscilloscope.  
 +   B) Using Forth and the Serial Interface---    
 +   Using the additional options  
 +The MyCo Program runs using the Interactive Programming Language Forth. There are 3 additional services provided in this mode in order to test the program flow step by step. Using the space bar on the keyboard, you step through the whole program. The staus of all registers and other IO are shown:  
 +LOG writes the MyCo program sequence step by step. Press the space bar to step through the whole program.  The register contents and the state at Input Port and at Output Port will be displayed.  
 +STEP displays the entire contents of the MyCo memory in one go. Here as well, step through the whole program by pressing the space bar. Registers and Ports are displayed step by step.   
 +So you see exactly at which point of the program you are and which activity has been executed (single stepping).  
 +RUN starts the MyCo Program in Flash memory. In this way the effects on periphery can be seen. Pressing any key on the keyboard stops the MyCo program execution, and you come back to the Forth Operating System level.  
 +- Programming -  
 +Press S2 when in Idle State. MyCo status changes into the Programming Mode. Programming of a MyCo program is done code block by block (page), then each block byte by byte, and each byte nibble by nibble. To start, first the target page must be selected that will be processed.  
 +- Select Page -  
 +Indicator LED flashes 3 times. Using S1, one of 8 pages can be selected. Default page is page-0. Continue using S2. 
 +- Select Bytes -  
 +By repeatedly pressing S2 one program byte after the other can be displayed. In This way all bytes of the selected page can be inspected, contents will be shown via the 4 LEDs. Here each byte is shown in three steps.  
 +View Memory Contents    Press S2 repeatedly  
 + Step  Indicator LED (PWM) Description of 4 LED display  
 +1 2x flashing in medium bright  byte address within the page  
 +2 from off -> to bright  high nibble  
 +3 from off-> to dim    low nibble  
 +The Read/Modify Modus starts at byte address zero, so the 4 LEDs are thus first all switched off.  Press S2 and the Hi-nibble of the byte is displayed.   
 +S2 again, and the Lo nibble is displayed.   
 +Press again S2, and MyCo begins another 3-step display, now at byte address +1   
 +After 16 bytes the procedure starts again at byte 0, MyCo stays on same page (wrap around).  
 +- Edit a Nibble  -  In Step_2 or Step_3 the contents of a nibble can increment by pressing S1. After $F the value is back to zero. You can step through the value as often as needed. End of nibble change input with S2.  
 +- Select Byte Start Address – If in step_1 button S2 is kept pressed, MyCo jumps into Start Address Select. Indicator LED flashes 1x, LEDs show the current byte address, incremented via S1. If new address set, S2 changes mode back to 3 step display from the new adddress.  
 +- End Editing and Transfer and Program into FLASH Memory -  Press both buttons, S2 + S1 simultaneously;  Back to IDLE Mode, 4 LEDs flash, at the same time edited page is written back to Flash memory.  
 +Updated 2021_03_26
 More to come More to come
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