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IDE using MikroForth for the ATMEL AVR Attiny 2313 in 20 Pin DIL

UPDATE: For some English documentation see further down …

This ATTINY Project1) has been developed by E. Eube, G. Heinrichs and U. Ihlefeldt

On his website G. Heinrichs documents the project in detail. He describes the concept, the development and the technical details. Downloads of the programs are available. FORTH and the assembler are described. There is also a forum.

This Attiny project has been used in March 2017 for the 5th microcontroller training event for teachers in Essen, Leibniz-Gymnasium.

Picture of the used PCB issue Attiny 3.0

Attiny 3.0 assembled

bottom side of Attiny 3.0

minimum circuit diagram


Georg’s documentation was put together for download by Jürgen Pintaske and filed here with Georg's approval in this wiki.
PDF manual for MikroForth V9 and Atiny 3.0
The bootloader for the Attiny board

Parts for download:
Micro Forth vocabulary
MikroForth words (German version)
User Manual (translation into English started)

2017 : Attiny 3.0
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